Femtosecond Parametric Amplifier TOPAS-Prime UFS

TPR-TOPAS-U TOPAS-Prime femtosecond parametric amplifier with parameters: output pulse duration is 60 fs, with pulse energy up to 0.1 mJ. The central wavelength varies from 1160 to 2600 nm.
  1. Investigation of THz radiation generation during filamentation in air and liquids under the influence of pulses in the wavelength range 1160-2600 nm on the material.
  2. Measurement of the nonlinear refractive index of various transparent materials by z-scanning method and interferometry in the 1160-2600 nm range.
  3. Investigation of nonlinear processes taking place in various transparent materials (harmonic generation, spectral supercontinuum generation, luminescence) when a material is exposed to pulses in the 1160-2600 nm range.
  4. Study of the generation of THz radiation from solid-state bulk and two-dimensional materials under the influence of pulses in the 1160-2600 nm range on the material.
  5. Measurement of the dynamics of charge carriers for various materials by the pump-probe method for central pump and probe in the 1160-2600 nm range.
This equipment allows to significantly expand the experimental capabilities of the laboratory due to a significant increase in the spectral range of a femtosecond high-power system, which is currently an urgent task in IR and THz spectroscopy.