Femtomedicine Laboratory

Femtomedicine Laboratory

Head of group: Dr. Olga A. Smolyanskaya

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Biophotonic advisor of laboratory: Prof. Tuchin Valery V.

Saratov National Research State University, Institute of Precision Mechanics and Control of the RAS, Russia

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Professor Tuchin Valery V. in Almazov Medical Center (Saint-Petersburg)


THz for Art advisor of laboratory: Jean-Paul Guillet

Laboratory IMS, Bordeaux, France

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Jean-Paul Guillet, Saint-Petersburg, 2019

Research Areas

“Our collaboration with ITMO University is very interesting because our team have spent many years working in the field of terahertz technology” - “Our approaches complement each other”, said Jean-Paul Guillet to members of the research team developing the pulsed terahertz spectrometerthe and the staff of the Russian Academy of Arts.

Scientific staff

     Trukhin V.N.     Kravtsenyuk O.V.      Zalipaev V.V.


PhD students (2)                    Students (20) 

Odlyanitskiy E.L.       Lykina A.A.         Baranova A.A.    Simonov A.